Ways to Use Lego in the Classroom

When I'm not busy working on our teaching websites, I can usually be found playing Lego with our children! It's an incredibly creative toy, but it can also be used to support work in a number of different curriculum areas. Here is our HUGE list of ways to use Lego in the classroom.

Lego Serious Play är en metod som skapades av Lego Group. Metoden är sedan 2010 tillgänglig som en Open Source modell och tanken är att människor genom att 3-dimensionellt visualisera sina tankar, bättre ska kunna samarbeta och förstå varandras utgångspunkter. Metoden används även för att skapa identitet på grupp- och organisationsnivå, samt genom legobitar dela med sig av erfarenheter.

Lego Serious Play (LSP) Methodology

Lego Serious Play (LSP) is a technique that uses Lego blocks in directed exercises to build structures that metaphorically represent business and brand architecture models. Based on extensive research in organizational development, psychology, and learning techniques-LSP uses the context of "play" to enable executives, managers, and employees to communicate more effectively, to stimulate their imaginations, and to approach their work with increased confidence.

Guide to Lego Stop Motion

Here is a tutorial on making a Lego Stop Motion. Skip to parts of Video: Introduction to Stop Motion 0:41 What is a Brickfilm?


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