Valla Library

Computer for special needs students within the library

There is a computer for special needs students in every library. The computer is equipped with programs for screen magnification, speech synthesizers and spelling checker programs and reading programs for talking books.
The computer in Valla Library is equipped with the following programs:

Screen magnificator: SuperNova Reader Magnifier
Reading program for talking books in DAISY: Dolphin EasyBookshelf and Amis
Program for reading text out loud (speech synthesizers): Doplhin SaySo and SuperNova Reader Magnifier
Spelling checker programs: Stava Rex (Swedish) and SpellRight (English)

You may borrow headphones from the circulation desk.




Library coordinators

Solveig Lundin
Phone: 013-282056

Katarina Eriksson
Phone: 013-282068


Magnus Andersson
Phone: 013-284602