Fresh up exercise


Before coming to the library seminar: Fresh up your skills by going through these documents, presentations and test the search tools!

Read more about how to access electronic resources from outside LiU Campus, here.

Any questions can be asked at the library seminar!

1. Scientific publishing

During a research process different types of documents are published and pass different stages. Look through this short video!

2a. Search process and search technique

When conducting searches for a specific purpose, you will develop a search process. Consider the different parts of the Search process circle below!

When actually searching for information, you have to prepare and plan your search thoroughly for best result. Consider the presentation below!

2b. Search for books and articles

1. Test/refresh your skills to search for books

  • Libris - find a book written by Anthony Turner about biosensors! Is it available in Linköping University library collection?

2. Test/refresh your skills to search for articles!

  • Web of Science or Scopus - find an article written by Anthony Turner about blood glucose monitoring in diabetes patients!

3. Test/refresh your skills in Google Scholar!

4. Test our Discovery tool, UniSearch!   

3. Evaluation sources

When having a search result, you must critically evaluate the sources you have found. Consider the criterias and Check list below!

Critical evaluation of sources:

4. Using the result when writing

When you have found trustworthy and relevant sources for your problem at hand, you must incorporate them into your text.

Use Mendeley, or other Reference Management Tools, to add your references and format a Reference list/Bibliography.

To avoid plagiarism you have to be careful and correct when referencing. Read the following guide and go through the Quiz!