Reference Handling & Citation Styles

Cite and refer

The aim of references and bibliographies is to let your readers find your sources.

There are several ways of citing and referencing sources and many styles to choose from. A few of the most popular, for example Harvard, APA and Vancouver, can be found on our webpage about citation styles.

Reference management software

To simplify referencing management, there are several reference management software solutions available. With this kind of software, you can collect, organize and present your references. You won't need to write bibliographies or lists of references manually - the software will take care of that.

Here are a few alternatives:

Which reference management software should I choose?

The library recommends Mendeley for students, due to its ability to easily and accurately import references and insert them in the text. Staff at the library teach Mendeley on courses and programs at the university.

EndNote Desktop and Mendeley are recommended for researchers, due to its more advanced features.

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